Nikhil Kuruganti: Slice Marketing Review

Slice Marketing Review

Slice is the mango fruit drink brand from the Pepsi stable. Slice was launched in India in 1994. But even after 15 years, the brand has not been able to make a mark in the Indian market. The product was good, had the backing of world's best marketing company but could not become the market leader in the segment.

This analysis of mine is to do more with its Marketing Concepts alone and does not involve in any other

Issues With Positioning:

Slice never had a proper consistent positioning. It could have become an umbrella brand had Pepsi invested in the brand. But the promotional investment behind the brand was never consistent. While Frooti and Maaza positioned themselves on the Real Mango Flavor platform, Slice was a confused brand. It was unsure of what its 'Ultimate Drilling Word'.

I guess in 2005-06 Pepsi started seeing Slice as a potential Killer Brand. In 2006, the brand took the positioning of a provider of simple joy platform. The tagline was " Simple Joy ka Raas " . But there also the brand did not catch the imagination of the consumer.

Slice was relaunched in 2008 in a new avataar. Atlast, Slice anchored itself as a mango drink. The brand launched a very smart campaign - Aamsutra . They made it sensual, got in Bollywood Beauty Katrina Kaif as brand ambassidor, the shape of the bottle changed. These steps have worked for Slice it could position itself atlast!

But the euphoria died quickly. In 2009 and 10 they came with the extension of the same campaign. Than moving away from the sensuality they started concentrating more on the same now. I would not blame some brand for using sensuality to break the ice, but it is a bad idea to continue on with that on a long term basis. Since the brand is growing now, it is time for the Brand to look beyond sensuality.

Also an other problem is that the average screen life of the bollywood divas is 8-10 years. Kat is nearing that end.. it is just inevitable. She would be a good actor but might not be a diva then. Brand Slice would find itself in crisis the moment this problem arises.

I am not a cynic but would want brand Slice to look for sustainable marketing strategies and not 'boosters'.

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