Nikhil Kuruganti: Day II: Tamil Nadu Land of Zillion Temples

Day II: Tamil Nadu Land of Zillion Temples

Enter Chittoor :

Chittoor..well i did not change my opinion about Chittoor from the past one year. If you want to know more about it, then click here Chittoor. I took a bus as soon as i can to Vellore, lest i would be infected influenced by the air.

'On the Engine to Vellore':

I got into a moving bus and the conductor was a really friendly guy. With a smile on his face he offered me place to sit: the engine elevation. So i travelled about 40 minutes 'On the Engine'. I have seen some 40 temples in the way. I wonder how these guys manage with so many gods! Tamil nadu (or TAMIZH NADU??) is a beautiful place a temple at the end of every street. It can be named the Land of Zillion Temples. The state has contributed a lot to the preservation of Indian Culture and still does yeoman service to the preservation art and music. All this activity is interwoven with these temples. I will discuss my theory some other time. But, for now,lets come back to my tour.

As soon as i got down from the bus, Vivek picked me up and showed way to the hotel.

There is a funny story about the entry into hotel which will be added by Vivek very soon. Since none of our friends were available then, Vivek and me went to the GOLDEN TEMPLE.

Golden Temple:

This thing is located at Sripuram some 1/2 hours journey from Vellore Bus stop. More Details Here Siripuram Golden Temple.


It is rumored to be one of the best colleges in the country. According to India Today Survey, it is the 10th best University in the country. The infrastructure would make any one drop jaw. The library is well furnished. The TT(Technology Tower) is an architectural marvel. Many of my friends have joined this university baffled by the beauty of the campus. Click Here for My Friends @ VIT.

We had a memorable chat at the food court. Nostalgia struck all of us as we talked about the college days. Every one has changed (+vely ;) ). Notable among them was Narendra Karanam. This guy now speaks in only Business lingo and improved his knowledge sphere and convincing skills by leaps and bounds. Yashaswi has been maintaing the track record of being the first and has been awarded even a scholarship of 7000Rs from VIT. Vivekananda has also improved a lot... this guy speaks now like some science geek. Vijaya Narsimha is maintaining his natural coolness. Naveen and Sujit Powar are also doing well in their respective fields. Keep that up మమ్స్. Tomorrow will be ours. All the best to each of you in your endeavours and do ask for help when you require :-S

మందు పార్టి ;):
"Do not judge the book by its cover"

People might be tempted to include in the brands Royal Challenge, Black Buck and Old Monk, but our definition of మందు పార్టీ ended with Coca Cola and Fanta. We all sat down at Narsimha's room till 9PM and then had dinner at 'Aunty Mess'. I and Vivek went back to the hotel after the dinner.

लाइफ में ट्विस्ट : (Twist in Life)

A news was awaiting for us at the hotel: The power is gone and no hopes of getting it back in an other couple of hours. So we went around the Vellore city aimlessly till 12Am. We have seen new flyover, load lorries and some Hotel River View, located on the banks of a sewage canal.( Hey guess what! it smells horrible than Musi). We wandered aimlessly cursin ourselves and the TN electricity board. The power was back by around 12.

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