Nikhil Kuruganti: Petrol Hike The Fuss

Petrol Hike The Fuss

The recent hike has promoted the people and political parties to call for the bandh. But let us see who's to be blamed and what can be done to tackle the situation

Aam Aadmi

Every one is panicking about the recent hike in petrol prices but it does not come off the blue moon. We all have been a part of it adding drop by drop to what is now an Ocean. The vehicles that run on alternate fuels have always been met with cynicism in our country. The manufacturers of these vehicles have been put to test both by the public and policy makers alike.

The need for green fuels and hybrid vehicles battery cars and bikes have been propagated by the NGOs from several years. But who cares! Akshay Khanna made a fool out of himself according to the film critics when he endorsed the not so popular Electric car REVA. It is still not late switch to electric bikes and cars. switch to alternate fuels to give the next generation a brighter and greener tomorrow.

Political Parties

What is really wrong with the opposition parties in the country? Just 10% hike is the oil prices is causing them to come up in arms against the government. One should remember that during the reign of BJP the Major Opposition Party the prices of petrol soared by almost doubled in 6 years. The other parties(Which are either UPA allies Or The erstwhile NDA allies )are no saints.

We know that the sales on petrol are taxed at two levels one at the Union Level(central government) the other at the state level. Many of the parties which are leading protests are ruling parties in their respective states. If these parties have such a great commitment for the public then they should cut down the Taxes in their states, but they would not since they know that the state economy would doom if such a step is taken.(Let me just remind you that taxes on fossil fuels alone add to 3-5% of the total state revenue.) Let us hope that in BJP ruled states the petrol will be the same specially the oil sucking petrol.

International Issues

The crude oil prices have been jumping by leaps and bounds from 2000, in the oil markets. This is partly triggered by the sudden surge in the consumption by the countries like India and China. The BRIC countries and G8 nations alone consume about 80% of the total oil.

The oil prices have increased by about 25% from the past 4 months in USA, doubled in China from past one year, 60% increase seen in many countries in past two years. So one can see that the present day govenment is not to be blamed much for the increase.

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