Nikhil Kuruganti: DASAVATARAM


Mr Kamal hasan, we all know you are very well talented and know everything in the universe. we are just common people..movies are just a entertainment for us.

I really like your movie Anbe Sivam. But, please don't torture us like giving one more Alavanthan.

I really pity for you.. you are in the cinema industry for more than 30 years, but still you were unable to give a good screen play.

You were talking sorry blabbering about world class movie Right? Do you think wearing n number of masks will make a movie different?

If you want to show your talents everything and want to prove you are only and only great star,better make video and upload it in you tube. Don't fool around with video games as a Movie.

The opening of the movie with Nambi, RAW Officer character , dalith leader character & Asin

Mallaika AND Rest of all the characters

To Mr K S Ravikumar..
I know you must be puppet to this highly talented ulaga nayagan. I thought at least you would have saved this movie. but finally ... YOU DISAPPOINTED US.

To Mr Ravichandran

You already ensured about your returns , releasing movie in record number of screens and fooling around peoples with lavish music open ceremony and calling Chief Minister of tamilnadu Mr Karunanidhi.

Its better to avoid this movie.. don't expect anything in this movie ,. its again one more Alavanthan from ulaga nayagan. Nothing more than that.

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