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Truth in Aarushi's case will never be known now and whatever will ever be known for truth will always remain suspect, more or less. Every piece of information disclosed or unearthed will always remain in the shadow of doubt, and we’ll always have half-baked versions of relative truths.

By now there are so many theories, so many conceptions and so many pictures etched in the minds of the people that no one picture is correct. So, finally we’ll have no fixed picture at all.Unfortunately, the character assassination of little Aarushi is complete and nothing can reverse it.

Several women and child welfare associations have demanded for Capital Punishment to Mr. Talwar even before he is found guilty. Some also said that the Mrs. Talwar is equally responsible for having not fulfilled the role of a mother.

But, the question is no longer whether there could be any justice in Aarushi’s case. The only question is as to how far can the injustice be undone. Or, worse still, how far could further injustice be prevented, for there is certainly no way we could do any ‘justice’ to the little girl any longer. The media defamed the little girl with so many baseless theories that soul can never rest in peace.

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