Nikhil Kuruganti: Shinji a poor girl's case

Shinji a poor girl's case

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has taken strong exception to ‘insensitive’ behavior of judges appearing on TV reality shows, and is working on guidelines to restrain them from subjecting the contestants to humiliation on national television.

“Public humiliation of the contestants will not be tolerated. There should be a code of conduct for the judges too. We are working on guidelines which will state what and how much they can say on TV,” said Sandhya Bajaj, member, NCPCR.

Six members of the committee are working on the guidelines which will be submitted to the commission in three months’ time. The exercise started last month after a directive from the Minister for Women and Child Development (WCD), Renuka Choudhry.

The recent case of 16-year-old Shinjini Sengupta, who allegedly suffered partial paralysis after being humiliated by the judges in a TV reality show, has made the commission even more concerned on the subject. “We were already working on the guidelines. Shinjini’s case has made us speed up the process,” said Bajaj.

Shinjini, a class XI student of a reputed Kolkata school, allegedly lost her speech and ability to move after May 19, when she was ousted from a reality show. Till a month ago, Shinjini was a fit girl, shooting for tele-serials and had also appeared in a Bengali film. According to her parents, Shinjini never recovered from the shock after being publicly chided by a judge on the show.

The NCPCR on Monday summoned Shinjini’s parents and asked for details in the case. “If we discover that the involvement of parents added to the pressure on the teenager then we would certainly question them. Over-expecting parents are equally responsible for such conditions of a child. The parents should teach the child to take failure in the right stride,” Bajaj said. The commission will also send a letter to the producer and director of the serial in this regard.

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