Nikhil Kuruganti: Chittoor No Issues

Chittoor No Issues

Chittoor is the city that has by far produced the highest number of people who have drastically affected my life. I really did not want to be here again in my life, but i did not have a choice in this case.

The population of the city is 252,654.Chittoor town has a sex ratio of 1000: 985, which might imply that the women are given equal rights(???). The literacy rate of the town is 90.60%, inspite of that the child marriages are in record number. Chittoor has about 25 marriage halls and about 50 temples and around 5 community halls(Which again can can act as marriage halls when the situation demands). District stands among top districts in terms of the prevalence of HIV in the country.Reference. Ironically the city also has 18 reputed schools. You see i am not here to mock at the city these are mere contrasting stats. I have very good friends from the district and have respect for it being a great commercial center. I also like Lord Vekateshvara(also a resident of the same disrict)

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