Nikhil Kuruganti: Bidar Dairy

Bidar Dairy

The country's economy might be racing at 9% but the lives in many districts doesn't seem to have changed after independence. Many people still live in utter dankness, without even knowing how the world is progressing. Traveling in Northern Karnataka taught me few facts about the country and changed the way i look at things.


The district of Bidar, which has a very rich past is in utter crisis. I always imagined this place to be flourishing with its world famous handicrafts and prosperous artisans. But, the situation is shockingly different! The district has very poor irrigation facilities when compared to the Southern Karnataka. The roads are horrible. The drinking water in several villages is tantamount to ambrosia. One can even bet the medical facilities wouldn't have improved after the independence at all. The schools are struck up in the middle ages. There are no institutes of worth mentioning.

Bidri Art

The bidri art work which is world renowned is not being taken up by the younger generation. The reason being the fact that even the localites have little or no interest in purchasing the art pieces. its a plight that such a skillful art should meet this fate.

The newly formed state government should take action to develop this district.

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