Nikhil Kuruganti: The Plignt Of India

The Plignt Of India

It is heart-breaking to see the country for blood should bleed to the attacks of some religious fanatics. Need of the hour is to analyze why such a situation arose.

Indifferent Government: Government is elected to safe guard the rights of the citizens and to protect them from all the adversities. On a contrary, the government helplessly "Condemned" and expressed its condolences for all those who lost their dear ones the acts as if these acts of insurgency were some kind of natural calamity .

Home Minister: It is in fact shocking to see Home Minister Shiv Raj Patil to react "Indifferent" to the situations. He has promptly changed his dress suiting the situation even the total country was gripped in terror. This has sent a shock wave among the general public who expected an action suiting the office he holds. Any obsorver of indian politics can testify that Mr. Patil is the worst HM we had. He is not worth this post which is held by legends like Sardar Patel Ji.

Vote Bank Politics:Arundhati Roy, the renowned human rights activist and writer championed the cause of mitigating the punishment to the culprits of attack on parliament. Afzal Guru, the culprit in the Parliament Attack Case walked away without any deserving punishment. The families of all the military personnel who lost their life during the attack returned back the medals to the governemt.

The recent case where in several local leaders of Asafgadh stopped the investigation team is still in my mind. Such incidents not only demoralize our security forces but also boost the trust of the Religious Fanatics. Any sane person can only make out that all these incidents are happening just to ensure votes from certain communities which may lead to the an ultimate disaster and loss of belief of the common men in the system.

I will come up with a few more details in the next post. Please PRAY FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE LOST THEIR VALUABLE LIVES IN THESE MAVERICK ACTS and please maintain religious neutrality.

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