Nikhil Kuruganti: Debacle of PRP

Debacle of PRP

నేను చిరు ఫ్యాన్....అన్నయ్య కోసం మా ప్రాణాలైనా ఇస్తాం

were the words that one could hear in the main stream media when Chiranjivi got into politics last fall. Today ప్రజా రాజ్యం (PRP or PR) stands as the gratest example of debacle in the politicalhistory. My idea is dig into the issue and find out why PR failed inspite of its great start.

It is really interesting to see the way PR got a tight slap from the public Considering the damage it has done to itself in the past few months it is no wonder.

5 reasons for PR's debacle:

No Political Agenda:

PR was a party for
every one and every thing. To put it in the proper marketing terminolgy it lacked the SEGMENTATION. It was a party that offered panacia for every problem and the voters could not take so much.

Person Centric Party:

Well to start with a question... Name a prominent leader in PR other than Chiru?

Hmm... Hmm.. Noclues?
So are the PR candidates. This lack of secondary leaders has added to the owes of PR.

Family Drama:

We are hardly interested in their family affairs but then, the younger becomes the supremo of the youth wing, the brother in law takes over the party... and even the worst Mega Star is busy campaigning.

The pace that the work was demanding was tremendous but the bottleneck was the CAP trio....Chiru, Aravind and Pawan. If the shacles of the plutocarcy were broken things would have been different.

Falure of Chiru:

Chiru is a man of masses a person with abilty to do extrdinary feats. People of AP have always seen in as a man who could to fight all the odds and move the mountains on the screens.

To see such a man stabbering on the stage and not voicing his opinions on many basic issues has affected the chances of the pary adversely.

Undermining the Fans:

Fans were outrightly expelled out of the core team of party. This lead to a very chaotic situation within the pary and also in the media. Some party members who branded themselves as "Fans" have joined the bandwagon for power.

One more mistake was miscaliculating the dreams of power of the fans. Chru himslef once told " అభిమానులకి అంత పదవీకాంక్షా!" talking about the way he was shocked to see the drive among his fans for power within PRP.

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