Nikhil Kuruganti: The Story of A Mindless Dictator

The Story of A Mindless Dictator


The following photographs are shamelessly copied from Uncyclopedia, the mother of all creative evil on Internet. Any kind of resemblance to living person or dead is purely intentional. The author is solely responsible for any damage.

History Class:

This article is dedicated to the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, the most hyped atrocity in the history of mankind. I used the word most hyped because, King Leopold II killed atleast 10 million people(Because the Congo Free state was a personal proplerty of the King and people of Congo were slaves by birth to the king) and during the transportation of Africans as slaves to america atleast onether 8 million were killed(because of hunger and unable to breathe)

In spite of such treatment towards Africans, King Leopold enjoys the privilege of being on the Euro Please See. African Americans were ill treated till Mrs. Rosa Parks rose against such atrocities. Any case i will finish my history session now, enjoy the pics and send them to as many people as possible.

Hitlers Photographs:

As a Kid

Early Teens

Late Teens

Hitler Shaved his mustache off after Germany got humiliated in WW I

It gives me an immense pleasure to sabotage this tyrants name. I will continue spraying paint on this guy in some other post.

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